Sitemap - 2022 - Mackenzie Andersen's The Individual vs The Empire!

The Holistic Ownership Discussion.

The Difference Between “Town Hall-Style School Format,” and "Town-Hall Meeting" Is in the Public Voice!

A Theory Why Costs of Proposed School System on the Boothbay Peninsula are Multiplying Exponentially

We Have Found the Path to Dystopia. Can We Find Our Way Outta Here?

Humanity's Childhood Ends With Corporate Culture's Strategy of Psychological Ownership

Keeping the Narrative Keeping On!

First Year End Fundraiser for Ceramics Collaborative Studio Project

WHY LD 2003 is UNconstitutional and Why We Must Strike it Down!

When The Future Of Work Is Chained To The Future Of Housing, Lets Just Call It Feudalism!

The Maine Constitutional Separation of Corporation and State and the 1951 Opinion of the Justices

The Boothbay Regional Development Corporation is T13 B Corporation. Here is What That Means.

How the Public-Private Government Codified the Cabal and Dismissed the Maine Home Rule Amendment

The Logic of Applying for A Grant During an Alien Development Invasion

In Defense of the Biden Department of Labor's Proposal for Defining an Employee Versus an Independent Contractor

Is Our Civil Process a Democracy or Is It a Cabal?

Its Time to Deconstruct the Tower

Erin Cooperrider and her Public-Private Conflict of Interest

What's in a Study? Besides Political Motivations?

Paul Coulombe's Mysterious Relationship With The Press

Strategic Class WarFare Heats up On The Boothbay Peninsula

Enter the Hegemony

The Battle of the Boothbay Common Simmers While the State Implements its Newly Claimed Power Over Municipal Ordinances

Who Says Making Should Be Prohibited In Residential Areas?

Rising Seas of Community Voices

Special Event Today on NDA's Being used in Corporate Welfare Deals!

Psychological Ownership in Big Corporate Culture vs The Mentality of Small Business Ownership

Is it Time for Maine to do a State Constitution Review?

The State of Maine Uses Housing Crisis to Double Down Central Management over Home Rule

The Airbnb Industrial Revolution Benefits in Maine through an Emergency Housing Act.

Where is the Discussion of the Cause of the Affordable Housing Crisis?

Reading Recommendations, Pros & Cons

What is the State of Community?

Is Twentieth Century Luminary Lewis Mumford a Precursor to the Twenty-First Century Grassroots Reformation?

Processing Formulating and Manifesting. A History of the Present Moment.

The Politics of Perception in Etsy CEO Josh Silverman's Well Crafted Rhetoric

Centralization vs Decentralization. How to Celebrate A Graduating Class?

Created to Be Dismissed: Rules of Engagement of the Dystopian Social Order

Etsy Striking, Collective Unconsciousness Marshals an Emergent New Order

Serendipitous Events and a Fellowship Opportunity for Unwritten Stories of Craft History

Money! Currency Makes the World Go Round But Productivity Creates True Wealth!

An Alternative Proposal for Affordable Housing and Economic Development

Boothbay Selectmen Candidates Talk of Affordable Workforce Housing and Expanding Corporate Culture

Small Town Politics- Governed by Private Clubs

It's Earth Day So Let's Talk About Cross River!

An Alt Cult Market Evolves, Corporate Culture Crashes, and the Customer is Allways Out of Her Mind

The Case for Integrating Decentralization into the Maine Educational System

Sustainable Finance as a Framework for the Future of a Peninsula!

Form Follows Function. What's The Function of the Boothbay Roundabout?

How the Gatekeepers Maintain the Wealth Divide

How I Came to Realize That the Andersen Design Museum Should Be Formed as a Grassroots Fiscal Sponsor

Societies of Resistance, Societies of Correspondence. Then, Now and Forever.

Did the Boothbay Region Get a Bang for Its Buck in the Camoin Report Purchased by the JECD?

Can We Hear From “Over Half” of the Student Body That Needs Special Intervention?

Small Entreprenuers Are Not the Problem! They Are Needed To Restore Equality.

What is all the fuss over the Winter Faire held on the Boothbay Town Common?

Tim Denning, Pioneer of the New Individualism

The War of the Hierarchies: Maslow vs Central Inc.

Can the “Allocative Effect” of a UBI Restore the American Dream? And Is Now the Right Time?

Getting Back To Our Grassroots, What is the Measure of a Quality Job?

Coastal Enterprises, Opportunity Zones and How Non-Profits Affect the Social-Economic Structure

Follow The 990

What's in a Name and the Why For of the Andersen Design Museum Of American Designer Craftsmen

Luddites, Guilds, and Societies of Correspondence

FIRE Movement Meet Workers Revolt