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Systemic Consciousness and Local Focus

Embedded Discrimination Against Free Enterprise

Decoding The Language in the New AOS98 Budget

Report from a Breakout Group at the Boothbay Region Climate Action Team Conference

Home Rule vs An Act To Increase Housing Opportunities in Maine

The Individual vs Enveloping Corporatism

The Message No One Wants To Hear

A Twist of Fate Unearths a I950s Time Capsule!

Vote No on Question 7

Halloween Edition: Reflections on the other Referendum Votes

Vote NO! On Question 1 on November 7!

How the State Deletes Outlier Voices

Who wrote the proposal for the Maine Space Corporation?

Considering Outliers of Economic Analysis

1976- The Year Maine State Corporatism Reclaimed Its Might

The Automated Life- Is There an Alternative?

How I Regained Control of My System After Being Locked Out by BitLocker

Priority Zone Is Another Name for Intentional Community

The Further Enshitification of PayPal vs The Great Resignation

Ruminating on Big Data, Outlier Data and Misapplied, Codified Newspeak

Rethinking Housing and Energy

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

If a University Can Be a Business, Can a Business Be a School?

Is Revisionist History A Conspiracy?

The Darkest Hour Heralds in The Dawn

A Referendum That Poses No Options to a $89 Million Dollar School Should Be Voted Down.

To Be Fair, Zoning Ordinances Must Accommodate Small Entrepreneurs and Home Businesses

A History of Incremental Transformation of the Maine Government

The Ground Beneath the House of Words

Power To The People's Veto

It is not Local Charters that must Align with State Law, but State Law which must Align with the Maine Constitution

The Power and Importance of Creating A Voice

A Tale of Two Cultures, Is Co-existence an Option?

Can the Voices of Inhabitants be Part of the Political Process in Maine in 2023?

The Cabal's Big Plans and Public Partners and What Happened When I Testified.

How the Biden Administration Changed the Department of Transportation Power Structure Locally

Post Hearing, Pre Work Session Testimony Re the Boothbay "Replacement" School Charter

A Door to Community Involvement Opens. Who Will Walk Through It?

Shifting Focus to a new Peninsula Narrative

Serendipitous Occurrence and Strategic Interferences

In the Era of Gaslighting, Fake News, and False Narratives, Support Independent Journalism at the Roots!

Short Spoken Public Hearing Testimony Boothbay's Repealed and Replaced School Charter

Home Rule Town or State Subsidiary? Public Hearing Testimony on "Repealed and Replaced" School Charter.

A Series of Events Unexpectedly Interrupted

Truth in Politics. The Boothbay Selectmen Race and Referendum Issues

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Systemic Solutions to Housing Should Be Calibrated to Reverse the Wealth Divide

Is It Time for the Public-Private-Piggyback System to Step Aside?

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Boothbay Leads the Way in Responding to the State's Take-over of Municipal Home Rule Authority

A Twist of Fate, a Turn of Events, Pick a Straw to Begin a New Journey

Man Vs The Machine

The Disingenuous Narrative Devised To Undo Maine's Home Rule Authority

Paradigm Shifting Quiz: Should the Follow-Up Study to Maine's New Emergency Housing Act, Preceded It?

Bottom Up and Middle Out

Message to Boothbay: Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth Can Be a Stitch in Time That Saves Nine

Authoritarianism Progresses in Maine

Job Training AI. How Am I Doing?

Freedom, AI, and Being a Precursers to Recorded History

FOAA Request Reveals That Conditional Gifts Are Authorized in Funding the Innovation of the Boothbay Peninsula Public School System

Humpty Dumpty? Can Intermingling Currents of Decentralization Capsize a Corporate State?

Letter To Maine State Senator Cameron Reny Forwarded to Executive Director of Grow Smart Maine

The Rise of the Content Provider Amid the Hey Day of Hierarchial Order

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Thinking Inside The Box

Truth and Consequences

Smoke and Mirrors and General Impressions or Eyes Wide Open in Taking Back Ownership Equality!